The very latest strapping tool from Orgapack is the OR-T 130. Not only is it simple to use and fast, it is also ergonomic, environmentally friendly and economically efficient. And as if this new strapping tool couldn’t get any better it also has 4 modes to choose from:

  • Fully automatic mode: eliminates operator error
  • Soft tension mode: perfect for strapping fine products
  • Manual mode
  • Semi-automatic mode

This highly advanced strapping tool also boasts the following features:

  • Lightweight only 3.4kg
  • Automatic welding function, meaning no keystrokes are necessary
  • Consistent strapping
  • High number of cycles
  • Recharging at any time
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost efficient

For more information about the Orgapack OR-T 130 or any of our other strapping tools, please get in touch with us today!!